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Deep-Sea Diving Workshop: March 23-26, 9 AM - 12 PM

You don’t want your child to miss out on this deep-sea voyage! Your child will learn about all the incredible creatures that live in the ocean as they paint their very own pufferfish, create their own jellyfish, and make a frameable ocean creature with nail and string art! We will explore the science and beauty of waves as we paint our own beach with real sand! And, of course, we must make our very own ocean slime! Ocean themed collages, painting, printmaking using shells, will abound! All the while, we will be learning about the layers of the ocean, shark buoyancy, current, blubber, and more through science experiments (including making their very own ocean density jar and tide pool). Not to mention they will become an expert at boomwhackers as they practice some ocean songs!

  • Ages: 4-12.

  • Tuition: $140 including materials.

Deep-Sea Diving Workshop

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