Image by Henry Be

for the beauty of the earth

Art Smiles:


Uplifting and Beautifying Charles County through Murals

Join us as we create yet another beautiful mural celebrating the beauty of the earth for our community!

This mural will be placed at Tilghman Lake, located across from La Plata High School. We will need
volunteers to assist with gridding, sketching, and painting the mural. This is event will take place at
Tilghman Lake (by the large enclosure with the tank). We will be spaced out working on separate large
panels of wood, so we will have plenty of social distancing. Please plan to bring a mask and bottle of
water. All you have to do is show up and we will provide everything you will need.

When this mural is completed, you will feel the joy and satisfaction of contributing to a beautiful piece
of uplifting art for our community that you can share with your friends and neighbors. Thank you so
much for joining us! We can’t do it without you!

Note: To recreate the artist’s sketch on the panels, we first need to draw a grid. This simply requires a
pencil, a steady hand, and a yardstick (all of which we will provide, except the steady hand). Those
helping with this step will be drawing straight lines to create the grid. After the grid is drawn, we will
sketch the drawing on the panels using the grid and sketch as our guides.

Image by Jonatan Pie


Our first mural was a beautiful success!

See pictures on our Facebook page.