The mission of the Neighborhood Creative Arts Center is to inspire in the community a life-long love of learning through enrichment programs that stimulate the mind, awaken individual creativity, and foster academic achievement.


A Note from Georgia Bonney, Director: 

I am excited to welcome you to our new Neighborhood Creative Arts Center. NCAC is the culmination of many years of dreams. Each time I visited a children’s museum, an art gallery, or any place of creative learning, I have thought, “Oh! That would be so fun to use in an art center.” And now, with the immense help of my family and my dear friends, NCAC is a reality.  

I believe, as Einstein said, that “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” NCAC is open to all of you who wish to fan your creative spark and explore new ideas, new subjects, and new skills. Our wish is to serve you, all of you, no matter your age, in your quest for developing a strong, creative, and beautiful mind. We hope that NCAC will be a catalyst as you seek to reach your divine potential intellectually, creatively, emotionally, and socially. We hope, that as you come through our doors, you are inspired and uplifted.

Please join us, whether it be as a student, parent, volunteer, or teacher in our mission. 


Gratefully yours,

Georgia Bonney


We believe that every person has a divine spark of creativity. In our rapidly moving world, we invite people of all ages to slow down and focus on creating something from nothing. We welcome children and adults alike to come feel the joy of learning an instrument, creating a piece of art, and exploring something new. We invite you to break from the grid and the endless expectations of school, workplace, and world and to take time for yourself and your children to experience the incredible satisfaction of delving into the arts and creative learning.

We believe intellect is one of our greatest attributes. Knowledge gives us the freedom to explore the world with our own unique perspective, enabling us to purposefully contribute to our society and neighborhoods in our own invaluable way. Creative thinking and problem solving are two essential trademarks of our future leaders. Education systems continue to shift, curriculum trends come and go, testing structures are transformed time and time again, but those with talent, a strong work ethic, mature leadership capabilities, and creative thinking skills will always find they are valued and desperately needed in society. We need such leaders in our homes, worship centers, businesses, and local and national governments. It is our hope and prayer that as NCAC continues to grow, we will help the children of our community to become leaders that make us proud.

We welcome those who wish to share their talents and skills as teachers to come forward and help us all grow. Our program is set up to offer a constant stream of new programs, as people like you join our creative and joyful mission. We are open to all types of programs, from sculpture workshops to travel programs, from woodturning to flower arranging, from Model UN to Astrophysics.

We believe that learning should be joyful. We believe in hands-on learning. We believe in our power to change the world for the better through creative thinking.  

Come join our mission. Come share what you have and indulge in what we have to offer.


106 St. Mary’s Avenue, La Plata, MD 20646



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The Neighborhood Creative Arts Center is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.