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At Club STEM, we will have so much fun that your child won’t even know they are developing their STEM skills. We will grow our germs and other disgusting things on Petri dishes; create cool chemical combinations (think slime and small explosions!); design and build bridges and cranes; and tinker around with physics as we build marble runs from scratch at Club STEM! We will study the amazing feats and disastrous follies of engineers and explore great architecture that is also art. In addition to listening to mathematically composed music, we will create cool 3-D multi-media art. Each day will be so packed full of cool STEM-based activities, your child won’t want to leave!



July 27 - 31



Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 12 PM


Cost Breakdown:

Tuition: $130/ 5 Clubs

Materials Fee: $20

STEM Club!

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