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Our Ultimate ExperiMental Academic Science Club is an inquiry-based, hands-on learning exploration of scientific concepts. Asking questions and making observations will be the center of everything we do as we venture into the amazing world of science. Our science explorations will mostly use common, inexpensive items to teach science without the need for a complex laboratory setup. The club activities will follow the “engage, explore, and explain” format with the first lesson in each series focused on skills and safety. Join us as we venture through exciting earth, space, life, and physical science expeditions! Our goal is to provide interesting and engaging lessons that focus on developing children’s problem-solving and spatial ability while encouraging their intrinsic interest in STEM.


Session 2: States of Matter

Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, and the changes it undergoes. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. All matter is made of atoms or groups of atoms that are in constant motion. How much the particles move and how often they bump into each other determine the state of matter of the substance. The most familiar states of matter are solids, liquids, and gases. To define solids, liquids, and gases, we need to examine their properties. In this session, the students will learn about the different states of matter and examine the unique properties of each state. 
Meeting #1 (3/24) - Skills and Safety  
Meeting #2 (3/31) – Solids
Meeting #3 (4/7) – Liquids
Meeting #4 (4/14) – Gases
Meeting #5 (4/28) – Plasma


  • For ages 7-13
  • Instructor: Teisha Cheney
  • Thursdays, 5:00-6:00 PM
  • 5 classes
  • Dates: April 28, May 5, 12, 19 26
  • Tuition and Materials: $35

Session 2: States of Matter

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