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Have a child who is constantly singing “The Song That Never Ends”? One with a beautiful voice but is too shy to sing out? Or maybe one who doesn’t even know they like music yet? This is the workshop for them! In our choir workshop, we aim to show that everyone has a voice, and it needs to be heard! We are passionate about providing the highest quality of music education throughout this workshop while maintaining an environment of encouragement, kindness, peer support, and unity. During this five-day workshop, choristers will learn simple choreography to match the songs they sing, allowing them to channel their energy through music and movement, using Boomwhackers, drums, and more! Children match and repeat pitches and rhythms, develop their well-supported healthy singing voice, and continually build vocal skills while having a great time! Ore advanced choristers will be selected to participate in our Handbell Choir. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to develop your child’s musicianship and love of singing!



August 17 - 21



Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 12 PM


Cost Breakdown:

Tuition: $130/5 Workshops

Materials Fee: $20


Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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