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You can’t imagine what cool art we will create during this crazy week of imaginative experiences! We’ll pull out all of our favorite activities to allow children to explore the messiness and beauty of art, including marble painting, crayon resist watercolor, spray chalk art, explosive paint bags, and more! Join us as we explore various art mediums including canvas work, 3D art, and environmental art. We will create art in imitation of Salvadore Dali, who painted what he dreamed, and Red Hong Yi, who paints with basketballs and teabags. We will spend a  week measuring and mixing some basic ingredients to create play dough, slime, and elephant toothpaste. It’s going to be messy... and very very fun!



July 6 - 10



Monday - Friday, 1 PM - 4 PM


Cost Breakdown:

Tuition: $130/5 Workshops

Materials Fee: $20

Imagine That!

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