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So, how do you create those incredible scenes that go up behind the actors? And how do you create a unique costume that reflects the personality of the character wearing it? Join Ms Kym, experienced in both art and theater, and create the backdrop and costumes for our NCAC Theater Production, "Honk"! For those who will be participating in the production, this workshop will allow you to help create and paint the set, make props, and be a part of designing and creating your costume. For those who love theater but would rather not be on the stage, this is the perfect opportunity to become involved! You will leave with skills that you will be able to use in theater settings throughout your thespian career! You will be able to see your work in action at our final production on Friday, July 24, at 7 PM.



July 13 - 17



Monday - Friday, 1 PM - 4 PM


Cost Breakdown:

Tuition: $150

Materials: $40

Backstage and Behind the Scenes Workshop

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