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Creative expression is the fuel that inspires, heals, and transforms. When we shape an idea into art and allow our imagination to be free, we can shape the world inside us and around us. Creative expression looks and feels differently for each of us, and we may not know where to start. This group will introduce a variety of art processes to explore in order to find the medium that fits with one’s own personal creative expression. The main goal of this group is to explore through art making. Processes will include 2 dimensional pieces with a variety of different options from dry to fluid (marker, oil pastels, watercolors, acrylics, inks, etc.), as well as 3 dimensional projects to include sculpting with a variety of mediums (model magic, clay, wet plaster, paper pulp, etc.). 


Please note:
These groups being offered are not classes where technical skill is taught and a product (art piece) is the goal. They are mental health and wellness groups facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Art Therapist and focus on how the physical act of creating art connects us to our internal world. The finished piece from these groups will reflect the individual. The pictures provided are works in progress created by the Art Therapist and are only an example of the provided processes. 

The Art Therapist reserves the right to change, add, or omit any process on the schedule or in the description for the benefit of the participants in the group.


  • For Youth and Adolescents
  • Instructor: Meghan Bernier
  • Date and Time: TBA


Please contact if you are interested in more information about when these classes will start.

Art Exploration

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