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One of the most difficult developmental transitions in the human life cycle is adolescence. Physical, emotional, and mental changes are all happening simultaneously. This group will use an individual mask making project to help identify strengths and collaborative painting/sculpture processes that encourage connection, social skills, community, and develop peer interaction. 


Please note:

These groups being offered are not classes where technical skill is taught and a product (art piece) is the goal. They are mental health and wellness groups facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Art Therapist and focus on how the physical act of creating art connects us to our internal world. The finished piece from these groups will reflect the individual. The pictures provided are works in progress created by the Art Therapist and are only an example of the provided processes. 


The Art Therapist reserves the right to change, add, or omit any process on the schedule or in the description for the benefit of the participants in the group.



Please contact if you are interested in more information about when these classes will start.

Adolescent Strengths

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