Wednesdays at the Park

Does your family need to get out of the house?


Join us for family fun at Laurel Springs Park, as we create art, sing, dance, and get creative together. Make Wednesday the
best day of the week, creating nature mandalas, nature mobiles, and other art celebrating the beauty of our world. Sing and dance with songs from The Lion KingAnnie, Hercules, as well as learn rounds and other fun songs. We are looking forward to providing an array of memorable experiences for your family. Don’t miss out!


COVID Precautions: Families are encouraged to stay in groups and to social distance from other families as well as wear their masks. Bathroom facilities and water fountains will not be available.

Our schedule is pending and will be posted shortly. Interested? Please subscribe and like our NCAC Facebook page to receive the latest updates on these events!

Happy Family