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Connecting Creative Minds

Infinite online learning adventures for kids, live.

Customize Your Child's Learning

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We offer classes in critical thinking, literature, language arts, history, science, humanities, and global studies.

You can take a class on any device in any location with the link sent to you through your email.

If the class is too easy or too challenging for your child, we can move them up or down to accommodate their needs.

Welcome to The Thinking Kid's revolutionary approach to education. 

"Education should prepare children for life, not just a vocation. Today's education is lacking a humanistic and practical approach to education."

We teach

Real-world uses of their knowledge, career options, life skills, and financial literacy.

We emphasize

Responsible decision-making skills, leadership qualities, and global awareness.

We believe

Our world is in need of informed, critically-thinking, bold young people with a firm foundation in both STEM and the Humanities.

We train

Mentoring students to be tomorrow's leaders, locally and globally.

Check out our large variety of classes and clubsWith our Diploma package and our "a la carte" options, TTK may be used as your child's core program or as an enriching resource.

Put your child ahead of the curve. Prepare them for life. Prepare them to succeed with TTK.  

Don't just take our word for it

"Thanks to TTK, my children are excited to learn for the first time in months!

Whether the class is about animal habitats or outer space, they love learning alongside their fellow explorers and wonderful teachers!"

- Maria S.

​"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"


- WB Yeats

 We strive to inspire curious minds, stimulate curiosity, and enrich lives.

We believe it's time for a change.



Foster team collaboration skills


a love for learning​




presentation skills

Not ready yet?

Don't worry, we've got your back.


Answer a few questions about your educational goals for your child.


We'll suggest a curriculum with no cost to you.


Test it out and keep in contact with us.

Want to talk with us?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not mentioned in the FAQ section, please contact us.

How much does this school cost?

Our classes are a standardized $9.50 per session but can go as low as $7.50 with our Diploma Package.

Which subjects do you offer?

Our classes are separated into the following categories: Thinking Series (global studies, integrity, critical thinking, and leadership skills), Literature Studies, Language Arts, History, Science, and the Humanities.

If I purchase the Diploma Package, will there be any scheduling conflicts?

We have worked out the scheduling so there are no conflicts between the different classes. In fact, we have worked to maintain that most of the classes are at the same time of day throughout the week.

What are the materials?

Your child will need a binder with paper in it and a pencil. Your child will be required to have the books for literature classes and the supplies listed for the science classes, which are very hands-on. There are some required materials for other classes, which are viewable on our website in the class descriptions. There will be an email from your teacher a week before class, listing any additional materials, which will be minimal. Most of them will be sent digitally as the class goes on.

How much help will my child need from me?

Most of your child’s TTK experience will not require any help. Should you choose to assist them in their work, you are welcome to.

What are Super-Packs?

Are the classes live?

Yes. The classes are all live, with the teachers, who are working with them in real-time. Outside of class time, students can contact the teacher through their email to get extra help or ask questions they may have at any time during the duration of the course.

How do I sign up?

Click on the button below and choose the age group that best suits your child. On the class page, you will find all the classes for each subject. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see all of the classes. If you see a class you find interesting, just click the picture to view more information.

Why are the classes kept so small?

In a large class, a child can turn off their video and leave and the teacher never notices because they are so engaged in everything else going on. If you’re paying tuition, as a parent, your child should be receiving the attention they need. Though we could make a great deal more profit having larger classes, that would defeat the purpose of The Thinking Kid. We keep our classes down to 12 students so every student is engaged and involved in the discussion and they all profit from the experience.

What if my child enters one level of classes and finds it’s too easy or challenging?

We will work with you. We’re small, so we can give your child the individual attention they need. If we need to make the transfer, we can make the transfer to a lower or higher level where they will be more comfortable. Our classes are broken into 4-8 week sessions; if it’s uncomfortable for your child to switch in the middle of the class, we just need to finish out those four weeks. We can then bump them up or down to the appropriate level so they never really realize that there has been an adjustment.

Which ages do you teach?

We are an online academy focused on grades 2-9, ages 7-15 respectively, though advanced learners may begin at six.

What time of day are classes?

On the East Coast, they are generally between 11 am and 3 pm. Different grades are at different times: older students are earlier in the morning, and the younger ones later in the day. If you are looking at a series (e.g. the Thinking Series), all the classes in that series are at the exact same time. You only need to look at one class in that series to know when all the classes are going to be for the whole year (e.g. Tuesdays 12-1 PM).

What do I need to do as a parent once I sign my child up?

After you sign up, we’ve got you. We have your registration form, we’ll reach out to your teacher and let them know that they have a new student, and about a week in advance, your teacher will reach out to you through an email ending in @thethinkingkid.org. Please be sure you add us to your contacts so our emails do not go to Spam or Junk Mail. Your teachers will reach out to you with the link and any supplies that you need. For the most part, the necessary materials will be listed in the class description. When it’s time, you click on the link and your child is in class. All they need to have is a computer with a microphone and be in a place where they won’t be distracted.

Can my child return to public school after a year with TTK?

Yes. Should you pursue this program, your child will be above and beyond the other children in their grade. We will have taught them so many skills that will carry over to their schooling experience including their core subject, financial literacy, critical thinking, and global perspective.

Super-packs are all the classes for a specific subject for one term or two terms (the entire year). These subject bundles are at discount. 1 term super-packs are $9.00 per class session and 2 term super-packs are $8.50 per class session, in comparison with our standard $9.50 per class session.



The Thinking Series

Literature Studies

Language Lessons

Ancient History




The Thinking Series

Literature Studies

Language Lessons





The Thinking Series

Literature Studies

Language Arts

American History


Humanities and Global Studies



The Thinking Series

Literature Studies

Language Arts

World History


Humanities and Global Studies

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