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Our Artistic Director


Georgia Bonney, executive director of the Neighborhood Creative Arts Center, believes that "creativity and intellect are two of the greatest powers we have as human beings. As we develop our talents and improve our minds, we will better ourselves and our community." The Neighborhood Creative Arts Center's mission is to help people sharpen their minds, stimulate their creativity, and enrich their lives. NCAC is a place that helps people become better than they are-- a place where people can connect and learn.


After graduating Magna Cum Laude from U.C.L.A., Georgia earned two graduate degrees from the University of Southern California (Piano Performance and Collaborative Piano). She was chosen as a Fulbright Scholar to continue her studies in Vienna, Austria, where she performed, studied, and completed research articles for various professional music journals.  While studying in Vienna, she and her husband, Philip, who plays French horn, had the opportunity to perform together throughout Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Upon return to the states, Georgia served as an adjunct professor at St. Martin’s College and California State University.

Georgia assisted in developing the Early Childhood program as part of the Yamaha Music Corporation’s Research and Development Team in Irvine, California. She is the founder and director of Children's Voices of Southern Maryland choir program in Charles County, a tuition-free experience musical experience for all children that enables them to unify through developing friendships, confidence, and musical appreciation. She is also the President of the Board of the


Georgia is the founder and director of the Neighborhood Creative Arts Center in La Plata, where over 150 happy students pursue music, art, sewing, gardening, chess, cooking, various other enrichment programs, and the Especially for Homeschoolers co-op. She is also the President of the Board of the Charles County Youth Orchestras and the founding director of The Thinking Kid, a global online academy for elementary and middle school students. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Education Leadership at Drexel University.


Georgia has been married to her husband, Philip Bonney, for 31 years and they are the parents of fourteen wonderful children.


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