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Especially for Homeschoolers Virtual Co-op

We can’t join in-person, but we can have a great deal of fun online! After all, everyone loves to see their friends, and what’s more fun than learning and exploring together?


EFH Clubs are designed to expose children to new ideas, cultures, hobbies, and skills. Parents serve as our club captains. To get a feel for this unique learning adventure, please peruse our non-COVID program written up below.


During COVID, we’re going to zoom together!

Children will join together for three clubs – one on Monday, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday. By dividing up ages into invidual time-slots, we are striving to make your life easier! First of all, families with limited devices may participate! Also, if you are the parent of children of various ages, this schedule allows you time to work with an older or younger child while the other is on their EFH club.


If you would like to support our co-op with one hour of volunteering each week, please plan to captain a club. We need you!

Image by Annie Spratt

Watch and listen as Ms. Georgia explains the

mission and means of our EFH Virtual Co-op:

EFH Clubs:

Ages 4-6, 10-10:30 AM:
Monday: Magic School Bus Science
Wednesday: Animal Encounters
Friday: Magic Carpet Club

Ages 11-14, 12-1 PM:
Monday: Science
Wednesday: First Impressions
Friday: Art/Poetry, Book/Movie

Ages 7-10, 11-11:45 AM:
Monday: Creative Writing
Wednesday: World Cultures
Friday: Chess Club

Schedule and Tuition:

Payment may be made with check made out to NCAC and mailed to:

 7454 Woodhaven Drive, La Plata, MD 20646 

or with PayPal through

Thank you! 


M/W/F 10-10:30 AM: 4-6 year olds
M/W/F 11-11:45 AM: 7-10 year olds
M/W/F 12-1 PM: 11-13 year olds


16-week term: $80/family. (Less than $2/day of clubs for the entire family!)

Helpful Documents:

Read about how our normal EFH would work!

Story Book
Hot Air Balloons
Meditation in Forest
Science and Technology

         JOIN US



10:30 AM - 2:30 PM

what is


especially for homeschoolers

EFH is a unique opportunity for homeschoolers, ages 3-13, to come together and indulge in stimulating academic and creative experiences in a friendly, relaxed, interactive environment! EFH is held from 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Our hands-on clubs

are led by very talented and dedicated parents like you! Combining our skills and talents, we will work together to create a series of clubs for our children that enables them to combine different mental mindsets in a new and useful way!

Our EFH program will include monthly field trips. This year, our field trips include a docent-led tour of the Freer Art Gallery followed by lunch at the Sakura Steakhouse; a customized program at the Port Tobacco Riverwalk to see the Eagle’s Nest; Q?rius programs at the Museum of Natural History; and more!​

Each student has the opportunity to participate in four 45-minute clubs (with a 15-minute recess between each). The clubs are divided into four age groups. Subjects change each term and are dependent upon the expertise of our parents, who act as club captains.

If your child needs some downtime in their schedule, they can relax in our Storybook Playroom.

We do not focus on the core curriculum, but rather alternate subjects that are essential to a complete education: world cultures, science exploration, creative writing, Home Economics, public speaking, to name a few.


More details are available in our





Commit to volunteer

in two positions throughout the program. Parent positions include club captain or co-captain, field trip director, hall monitor, set-up or clean-up, and outside supervision.


EFH tuition

for a 16-week term is a flat family fee of $160. You are welcome to be present for the entire day of clubs, or just a few. EFH meets for two terms during each academic year (August-December, January-May).


Join us

as we create our EFH clubs at our EFH Planning Potluck on Friday, May 22, 11 AM -1 PM. Childcare provided and activities will be available for older children.


These fees are dependent upon the clubs you choose for your children. Fees will be listed on the club registration form. They may be paid later and over a period of three months.


Mid-June . . .

Club Registration begins:

sign your children up for their clubs. FYI: Each club will have a small materials fee determined by the club captain.


Once again, join us

on Friday, May 22, 1-3 PM as we kick off our 2020-2021 EFH!

Please take a look at and complete the

following forms:

EFH Registration Form







$385/16 weeks

(less than $7/hour!)

or. . .

Payment Plan:


for 4 months,

completed no later than November 20, 2020.


are welcome to attend as part of our drop off program.

No volunteer commitments are required!


are welcome to attend our Parent Planning Potluck before you choose to join EFH. We want you to be confident that EFH is a perfect fit for your family’s homeschool adventure!

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